About Andrea

Hi, I’m Andrea. Wife, mom, fitness instructor, health coach, and doer of all the things. In my younger years, I never imagined I’d be in a position to help other women change their lives through exercise and wellness education. I mean, I hated exercise and carried scars from middle school gym class with me for YEARS! (Anyone else have nightmares about the Presidential Fitness tests??) 

But that’s the really cool thing the way life is constantly changing. I didn’t have to be stuck in that mindset. I could decide I LOVED to exercise (thank you Zumba!). I could earn multiple certifications to teach a number of different fitness formats. I could even become a runner (okay, a jogger….), completing 4 half marathons! 

While my exercise loves have changed – current obsessions are indoor cycling and aqua fitness – my drive to share this passion with others has not.