Hi, I’m Andrea. Wife, mom, fitness instructor, health coach, and doer of all the things. I’d love to sit here and tell you I have it all figured out and my family is perfect in our eating and lifestyle choices. I’d love to tell you my kids eat a beautiful rainbow of foods every day, and get excited to see what mom or dad makes for dinner each night. 

Buuut, I cannot tell a lie. My closet holds clothing in about a 5 size range, and I’m currently carrying more weight that I’m comfortable with.  (Blog post about my own health journey coming soon!) My kids beg for fast food at least every other day, (and if I’m being honest….when Dad is working late, I’ll give in and let them have it on occasion) my oldest is a pro at baking frozen pizza, and the first words out of the mouth of either child when they learn what dinner consists of is, “yuck.” 

A perfect Health Coach, I am not. But if you’re looking for someone who has experienced and overcome health issues, faced ups and downs on the scale, the frustration of a closet full of nothing that fits, and the temptation to just grab a quick dinner of burgers and fries….then you’re probably looking for me. If you’re looking for someone who  can ask you the hard questions, get to the true root of your motivation and unlock that drive to reach your goals, and remind you why you need to keep going when you want to quit….then you’re probably looking for me. 

Within these pages, I pray you’ll find information that resonates with you, and inspires you to live your healthiest life! I welcome comments, messages and questions!